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Many organizations focus on protecting against external attacks but ignore a threat that might be even more destructive for example data theft by someone inside the company. This is a critical area which an organization should be focusing. KYROL provide the security that shall be able to tackle this issue.

We are currently completing and finalizing our Android and Iphone Mobile Security. We are expecting Android and Iphone shall be publish soon.

Custom software development need to be done correctly at the first place. Planning for the development is an important things before the development start.

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With our state of the art Internet Security for Enterprise, we will ensure that your organization will received the best value for ROI in computer security protection. With low system resources usage and a very powerful management tool making managing your security more centralized.

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Services that KYROL Provides

Software Development

KYROL is a premier Software Development company. KYROL is capable of delivering complex world-class software solutions on a variety technology. Offshore software development outsourcing is also available.

InfoSec Training

Organization are prone to a cyber attack and some of the organization are not aware that some of the threats is coming from within the company. With proper InfoSec Training to the staff of the company, shall be able to reduce possible threats.

Security Advise/NOC/SOC

To protect an organization network, a regular security check should be done. KYROL is able to provide, PENTest, Security diagnostic and etc.

Security Software

With the state of the art technology, KYROL Internet Security should be able to protect your organization from internal and external threats.


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  • Virus Protection
  • Firewall
  • Time Restriction
  • USB Protection
  • Centralize Management
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Call for price
  • Virus Protection
  • Firewall
  • USB Protection
  • Centralize Management
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